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Wizards are turning up everywhere

Children's Hospital

Originally, I had just wanted to take the above picture, showing just how huge Children’s Hospital is, both towering above all the other buildings, as well as spreading out across the town. However, I noticed something as I was walking across the bridge. It appears that there is either some kind of wizard, or mad scientist living underneath it.

I was able to zoom in through the fence for a few better pictures

What’s going on down there? Everything else around looks like a scrap yard. Is it some kind of super hipster theater that nobody knows about? (We do have a lot of hipsters in this neighborhood) Is this the American version of Hogwarts? Is this where Tila Tequila learned how to do magic? Is there a mad scientist down there picking up where Tesla left off?

I was starting to worry, as I stood there on the bridge taking pictures, but thankfully, there was some helpful graffiti.

It's fine

But then I realized that they weren’t telling me that “its fine.” They said “it’s”, which is possessive, stating that the fine belongs to it. Now I’m worried about what it may be, and why it is being fined.

Putting thoughts of grammar nazis and wizards behind me, I decided instead to just stop and smell the flowers…


Mystery solved. The secret wizard lair is actually the home of Iron Eden.

Also, my girlfriend advised me that I have confused “it’s” with “its” and that the graffiti is actually correct. I would like to take this time to apologize to any that I may have hurt due to my terrible grammar…

I’m sorry.