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WTF, George Noory?

If you listen to Coast to Coast AM, you may have noticed two things:

George Noory is a terrible host.

He hasn’t been on the show for two days.

The guest hosts have been mentioning his “bizarre encounter”, but not actually saying what was happening. Message boards were ablaze with theories as to what has happened. Did George get abducted? Did Art Bell punch him out? Is he quitting? Is there going to be a new host?

Well, he came back on today, and he told us exactly what happened…

Pizza rolls.

He burnt his mouth on pizza rolls.

Now, I will admit that I too have burnt my mouth with pizza rolls. It’s easy to do, the do come out of the microwave at temperatures near that of molten steel after all, however, I have never suffered from second degree burns, had to go to the hospital due to trouble breathing thanks to a swollen uvula, and missed two days of work, thanks to pizza rolls.

Also, I don’t think pizza rolls are part of the P90X routine.

You can’t expect to keep up that awesome physic if you are eating junk like that.

It looks like the rest of the show is going to be about how to properly use the microwave and other morons talking about how bad they burnt themselves on pizza rolls. Can’t be any worse than a normal George Noory show…

  • janet

    He’s a great host

  • Jon

    Snoory’s a joke and has ruined what Coast to Coast AM once was. And he sounds horrible and like Dracula when he sings. 😀

  • Maria

    I happened to have the radio on last night when his show came on, and he said he’d left that burning mass in his mouth for five seconds!! Hello? Spit it out already. He’s got one weird program, I tell ya, I won’t be listening again.

    • Adam

      It’s still pretty funny to listen to, likewise, when the other hosts are on, the show is much better.

  • Andrea

    Noory is an egocentric that can not stop talking about himself. It is obvious that he does not read any of the books, he does make the most ridiculous questions.

  • Noory is so full of himself he thinks he is better than anyone else in the radio business. If he read the book and asked better questions that would help. The show is not good anymore. In the beginning he at least made and effort to do a halfway decent show. But now it is horrible.

  • mike

    simple George is a co-opt of the illosernati; the best way to control the alternative media is to create and run it. Noory is the George bush of radio- a dumb patsy stooge that does what he is told.